157-kilo nurse wants to appreciate the people who humiliated her

Published on monday, AUGUST 31st, 2020 | Written by Audrey ADMAILEE, senior editor

"If you could shed over 41 pounds without pills, restrictive diets, or intrusive surgery, would you?"

This is a very inspiring story by a nurse in New York, Bonnie Bennett.

Working in an unstable environment and long hours, Andrea always felt tired and lazy to cook.

Watching Netflix and ordering take out quickly became her daily routine. Fast food and fizzy drinks become her favourite meal and her weight was slowly increasing and came to 337lbs...

She starting to aware that everyone will whispers around wherenever she walks down the hallway, they never told her what were they gossiping, but she knew it's about her enormous size. 

Even though, she didn't care much as that didn't affect her job

Things only took a dramatic turn when she was called out on the sustainability to be giving health advice...

Hurtful Experience of Humiliation

“ It was tough being a nurse that was extremely overweight...”

“ My patients would often look at me funny or question if I was qualified to be giving health advice.”

“If ever I was advising a patient about their nutrition, I could always see their eyebrows raise in disbelief."

"One even asked me how I could be qualified to give advice when I clearly didn’t follow it myself.”  - Bonnie

After continually humiliated by her patients who made cruel comments about her weight, she was finally motivated to change!

She tried to get in shape, but NOTHING was working ..!

It wasn't easy, but she was determined. So she started to take action.

>> She started looking for diet plans.

>> She started looking for weight loss programs.

>> She even started consuming weight pills.

But the results weren't what Bonnie expected.

During that time, she even thought skipping meals to be the best way to get rid of her extra weight.

One morning, while  Bonnie was getting ready for work, she suddenly felt dizzy and collapsed on the floor.

Fortunately her neighbor was nearby and he quickly called the ambulance. She was rushed to the hospital and when the doctor examined her, he discovered that her blood pressure was very low!

"I have tried almost everything, but nothing seems to work .." - Bonnie

Finally, the discovery of medical scientist of Dr miyao gave her a "new life"

When Bonnie almost gave up, her childhood best friend, Audrea visited her in New York during her business trip with her Japanese partner. 

Seeing Audrea for the first time in 10 years, Bonnie was shocked. Audrea used to be chubby just like her, but now she's fit despite being a mother of 3.

After hearing Bonnie's story, Audrea decided to introduce Andrea to her business partner, Dr Miyao.

Dr Miyao is a medical scientist who specializes in traditional Japanese medicine - Artemisias (艾草)

After a thorough counseling session with Bonnie, Dr Miyao showed her a specially slimming belly pellet that contains Artemisias, one of essential component of the Cannabidiol, which then named as Artem™

They tested the belly pellet on the belly of rats. One with Artemisias pellet and one without for two weeks. The result (which was published in The Journal Of Proteome Research) showed that rats that were given Artemisias pellet experienced lost weight compared to those without. They also noticed a decrease in body fat in those that were given the Artemisias pellet.

According to Dr Miyao, Artemisias activates the proteins inside fat cells that break down fat.

Plus, Artemisias also reduces the activity of enzymes that are responsible for synthesizing fat, thereby preventing the development of mature fat cells.

It stops the body’s from creating mature fat cells which leads to a tremendous loss of fat without any exercise of any kind.

It Didn’t Matter If They Were In Their 30s, 40s, 50s, or even 60s or if they were Male or Female.

Dr. Miyao said that this new breakthrough has an incredible success rate with his patients as well.

"Most of us are preoccupied with hectic lifestyle these days, therefore, we decided to invent Artem™ by adding natural and organic herbs such as Korean Ginseng and natural essential oils.” - Dr. Miyao

Dr Miyao further claimed that this belly pellet's powerful, botanically-based formula will deliver maximum firming, tightening and toning results when applied to the belly.

This is the latest breakthrough in modern medicine on how to manage your weight.

Bonnie had doubts trying many products and none of them worked. But after seeing Audrea's result with her own eyes, she decided to give it one last try.

And she was so shocked at the results!

>> During the first week she felt a slight felt mild heating sensation from her belly. But she decided to continue.

>> In Week 2, she started to get used to the pellet. She found out that she'd lost 3 lbs by just using the pellet.

>> By the end of the month, she had lost 10 pounds.

"When I stepped onto the scale, I burst into tears. I did it, and I still can't believe how easy that was."

 - Bonnie

After 3 months of using the patch, Bonnie had to give up all her clothes, which had become too big for her.

She become more confident and happy than she used to be. 

More and more patient are willing to accept Bonnie and listen to her advise, because she is the perfect success role for the weight control model

She also started to know more people and often go out with friend and found her true love... 💕

NO calorie counts.

NO carbohydrates.

NO boring hours of exercise.

NOsacrifice on delicacies.

Pleasant, fast and lasting weight loss .

Since the release of the  Artem™ Belly pellet, demand has exploded! After Bonnie shares her story with the maker, they're ready to reserve a limited portion for our readers.

But we don't know when they'll be out of stock.